8 Qualities of a good leader

Qualities of a good leader

It is important to have a manager that can lead your employees effortlessly, but it is sometimes hard to find these people especially when you do not know what character traits you need to look for. Here are a few qualities of a good leader we look for when hiring them for an organization.

1. Communication skills

We find that it is key that a leader portrays effective communication skills not only verbal but non-verbal skills as leaders are expected to get the vision and expectations of the task at hand across to their subordinates.

2. Confidence

A leader needs to be able to take authority in their position and the best way is to do this with confidence. When people are working for someone they want to know that that person knows what they are doing. It is imperative that a leader has self-confidence and is able to stand their ground.

3. Positivity

A team will of go through tough times and will look to their leader for strength. A good leader is able to stay positive in tough situations and also keep the morale up in the team motivating them to continue.

4. Fairness

Leaders need to stay objective and unbias at all time to ensure that they keep the respect of the team following them. Leaders will often have to play the role of peacekeeper and deal with conflicts and if they are seen as taking sides they will lose the trust of their followers

5. Honesty

Leaders need their team to trust them. This trust helps to keep the morale high as well as create a positive environment. A leader is transparent and honest to help foster a trust relationship between their followers.

6. Commitment

Another way a leader builds trust between them and their followers is by following through with what they said they would so. A good leader will be commitment not only to the task but also to their followers and they will show this commitment by following through with what they said they would do.

7. Inspiring

A leader needs to inspire their followers especially when they are giving their followers a task that they followers do not want to complete. A good leader will help their followers see their value in the task presented to them and make them feel like they are a vital part of achieving the companies vision.

8. Humbleness

A leader needs to be humble and willing to serve those below them not only expect those below them to serve them. A good leader is not scared to get involved in the task to help their followers especially if the leader can see that the followers are struggling to complete the task at hand.

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