Communication is key to clarity

Communication is key to clarity

Communication is key to the success for organizations. In today’s society we have many different mediums to communicate with one another. From written mediums such as letters, emails, instant messaging and social network platforms to verbal communication such telephone calls and face-to-face meetings. All these different mediums of communication have made communication easier. However, the professional business world we have seems to have lost the basic skill of being able to communicate to each other clearly. Clarity is essential in the communication process as it helps to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the organization.

When people speak to each other with a clear message, it helps to improve the focus on the task at hand. It eliminates other possible options and assumptions and it aligns objectives with values within the organization. There are four keys to clear communication which are: substance, simplicity, structure and speed.

When we are communicating with others, it is important that we make sure that the message we are sending has substance so that the person receiving the message will be interested in the message. Once the message has substance, it is necessary to make the message as simple as possible to avoid ambiguity. After simplifying the message, it is advised that the message is structured in the best possible manner to help ensure the effectiveness of the message being received by others. Finally, you want your message to be speedy as you want to get to the point as quick as possible to avoid the person receiving your message from getting bored.

There are many strategies that a person can take to ensure that their message is clear but our favourite one is the CLARITY acronym.

Concise message

The first step to ensuring that your message is clear is to ensure that you get to the point as quick as possible. A concise message helps you to remain brief.

Laser Focus

The second step is to have laser focus when constructing your message by anticipating the actions and intentions of the person you are speaking to.

Ask Specifically

The thirds step is to be specific with what you are trying get across with your message. This helps to eliminate ambiguity.

Results orientated

The fourth step is to be results-orientated with your communication. This helps you to ensure that you can measure the success of the actions you are asking others to make.

Identify your impact

The fifth step is to ensure that your message makes a meaningful impact on those that you are communicating with.

Target your message

The sixth step is to ensure that you target your audience appropriately when you create your message to help ensure that the message reaches the correct people.

Yes Response

The final step is that once you have delivered your message, ensure that you confirm that the person/s that have received your message understood what you were saying as well as they are in agreement of the expectations of the task at hand.


The CLARITY acronym is mainly used when doing big presentations but with a few minor adjustments, it is easily adaptable to any situation. Especially in conjunction with four keys to clear communication.

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