5 Reasons why you should consider hiring Millennials

Hiring Millennials

There are so many conceptions and theories about the new Millennial workforce joining our companies and because of these conceptions employers are becoming more and more hesitant to hire them.   A few notions of the Millennial generation are that they do not respect authority, they are lazy workers and they lack focus. On the contrary Millennials can be extremely focused hard workers that do respect authority. Millennials are possibly the best workers to join your team. Yes, they will bring challenges to your team but what new employee does not bring you challenges. We have compile a list of five reasons why hiring Millennials will be an asset to your company and why you should not hesitate to hire them.

1. They have an employee-centred approach in an organization

Millennials have drifted away from the traditional customer-centred approach in an organization to an employee-centred approach. This new mind set allows for there to be a better corporate culture. When a company has a positive corporate culture it has other benefits to the company such as increase productivity and lower staff turnover.

This employee-centred approach also creates an environment where the Millennials are more willing to work in teams. This is an opportunity you as an employer should utilize as team work on only lightens the workload and speeds up processes it also creates an atmosphere where new ideas can be generated.

2. Millennials have huge respect for other

Millennials do have respect for authority however their perspective on respect for authority is different to the older generations perspective. Society is used to respect being a norm where if the person is older than you they have already earned your respect. Millennials view respect differently.

Millennials are extremely ethical and belief that things should always be done the correct way. Because of this ethical behaviours of Millennials they do not believe that respect should be given away but rather earned. This might seem odd as it is not the norm but once you have earned a Millennials respect they will not only will they treat you with the utmost respect but they will also be extremely loyal to you and the company.

3. They have a “Can-do-it” attitude

Millennials are exceedingly driven and are up for any challenges and changes that you might place in front of them. They want to make you proud and they enjoy pushing themselves however they crave reassurance often to make sure that they are on the right path. Due to this “Can-do-it” attitude Millennials tend to be very flexible allowing for you to manoeuvre them into any situation and they will make a plan to make it work out best for the company. Many Millennials believe that hard work is the key to success.

4. They are good multitaskers

It is often thought that Millennials are lazy on the contrary they are actually easily bored. Once they are bored they do not have the motivation to continue doing the work that they should be doing. This is in a large part because Millennials are such good Multi-taskers. They are able to answer and email while talking on the phone and replying to several different instant messages.

Millennials are used to multitasking as they have been multitasking all their lives with the constant changing of technology which has placed them in a world where they were continuously working on different tasks to keep up.

5. They are extremely computer literate

Millennials grew up in a world of technology where things were constantly changing and improving. With having to grow up with the constant changes they have learnt to adapt quickly and this has given them the skills of not only being very computer literate but they are also able to learn new technology and software quickly. As stated earlier many Millennials like challenges and therefore they will often try to figure new technology out as soon as it is put in from of them. Their skill in figuring technology out and adapting to change is an asset that Millennials bring to the company that previous generations could not previously bring.

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