5 Types of interviewers you might encounter

Interviewers you will encounter

Interviews can be very nerve wrecking and there is so much to do before hand to make sure you are great in an interview such as research the company, prepare for the different types of questions they might as you and prepare questions to ask them.  The one part that is always unexpected is the different types of interviewers you might encounter and how to handle them if you do encounter. Here are five types of interviewers that you might encounter and a tip on how to possibly handle them.

1. The Multitasker

This type of interviewer will be answering calls or emails while they are busy interviewing you or they might just be scrolling on their phone while they are interviewing you. This could be demotivating but do not give in stay on your top performance. Use humour to try to regain their attention and give them all the information that they might need to see that you are a worthy candidate for the job. If the interviewer persists to be on their phone and not pay attention, ask if there might be a better time to conduct the interview.

2. The Statue

This type of interviewer can make you leave the interview very demotivated as they will often be unresponsive and if they do respond they will do so with a straight face giving you no indication on whether or not the interview is going well. Do not let this break your confidence as they are most likely trying to see if you are going to break. This type of interviewer is interested in what you can bring to the business so they will not be blown away by your personality or humour. To win with this interviewer you need to keep you points short and relevant giving them the best of what you can offer.

 3. The Trickster

This type of interviewer will lead you into a trap by asking you questions with no right answer or leading you into questions that will give them the wrong answer. The best way to deal with these types of interviewers are to just stay honest and be yourself. Do not let these traps discourage you at all.

4. The Inappropriate one

You may encounter an interviewer that asks to many personal questions such as your marital status, age or citizenship. If these questions, make you feel uncomfortable and they are not related to the job, politely ask the interviewer to rather ask you questions regarding the duties and requirements of the job. This should take the interviewer back to job-related questions.


5. The Best friend

These might seem like the best types of interviewers but you might walk out the interview wondering how much of the job you actually spoke about, if you spoke about the job at all. When you encounter these types of interviewers stay friendly, polite and professional. Watch of opportunities for you to speak of the job requirements and what you can offer the company.

Tell us if you have encountered any of these types of interviewers or other types of interviewers that you might have encountered.

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