6 Tips to resolve conflict in your organization

Resolve Conflict in your Organization

Conflict between employees is one of the unavoidable problems that organizations continuously face. This could be a result of many reasons from employees having different personality types as well as conflict resolution styles, lack of information and misunderstandings, corruption in the organization, harassment or discrimination in workplace and general organization problems. These conflicts in the organization can have adverse effects on the culture within the organization, the staff turnover in the organization, the organizations productivity and the sales of the organizations products or services. We have provided you with six tips that we feel will help you help your employees resolve conflict in the organization.

1. Recognize that conflict will happen

Many people do not like conflict and often will rather avoid the conflict situation instead of acknowledging that a conflict situation has occurred. A misconception that people have is that a conflict occurs when two people screaming and shouting at each other. This is not the case in fact a conflict occurs when there is a disagreement by two or more people. The first step that people need to take in resolving conflict is to first accept and acknowledge that conflicts do occur and that they need to be resolved instead of avoided.

2. Deal with the conflict timeously

Conflicts should be dealt with as soon as the occur or at the soonest available opportunity. When a conflict is avoided and left to fester the conflict situation often becomes more aggravated and you are left with a situation which could have been resolved in a quick manner where both parties are left satisfied that now takes a longer period of time to resolve and relationships might have been damaged. Another reason to deal with conflicts quickly is to keep employee moral high. When there are conflict situations employees tend to become very negative and this negatively affects an employee’s moral.

3. Keep emotions out of the conflict

A conflict situation is often aggravated when people allow their emotions to get the better of them resulting in personal accusations or attacks. When trying to sort out the conflict focus on what the problem is and not on how you feel about the person or how the situation makes you feel. Do not generalize or make the conflict personal in anyway. It is important to try keep the problem as objective as possible. This way when you deal with this situation you will have a more peaceful solution and more rational solution.

4. Keep your non-verbal communication in mind

Our body language can often aggravate a conflict situation especially when what is being said verbally is not being portrayed accurately through body language. For example, if someone had to say that they are fine with crossed arms and a raised tone of voice we automatically know that they are indeed not fine. In the same way there can be a misunderstanding during a conflict in the workplace. When in a conflict situation keep what you say and what you do in mind and try ensure that they both match each other so that your message is communicated clearly to the other party.

5. Clarify what the conflict is

Often when people are in a conflict situation they do not clearly state what the conflict is about which results in miscommunication. This miscommunication of results in aggravating the conflict situation therefore when in a conflict situation make sure that you clarify what the problem is and focus on that specific problem and do not deviate from that problem. If the conflict has more than one problem that needs to be addressed address each of the problem separately. This method provides more clarify and helps both parties understand each other’s point of view enabling them to find the best solution for both parties.

6. Come to an agreement on a solution

Once both parties have clarified their side of the conflict come to an agreement on how both partied would like to resolve the conflict. Once a solution has been agreed on it is important to make everyone responsible in one way or another to help ensure that the solution is met and that the conflict does not arise again or that if the conflict occurs again that there is a quick and easy way to resolve the conflict in future.

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